School Facilities And Structure

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Vocationist Catholic College is located in a serene and quite part of Ibadan at Oloje, Ido LGA, where we are not disturbed by the hustle and bustle noise of the city. Rather, we are in an environment where we are surrounded by the beautiful care of nature. Our compound is divided into five main areas; the school building/apartment, the retreat complex or hostel where people come to lodge for their retreat program, our chapel building, the Vocationist Brothers Hostel and our new community hostel (Still under construction).

The school is situated in our community compound.

The residential compound consists of the male and female dormitories situated in highly secured environs. The entire building in the compound is tiled so as to help reduce the scorching heat of the sun and constant supplied of electricity is supplied both by the PHCN Company and two standby 3500kva Lister generator.