School Policies


  1. Our school, Vocationist Catholic College, is a part of the Vocationist Institute, under the management of the Society of Divine Vocations, Vocationist Father and Brothers, Nigerian Delegation.
  2. The nature of our educational program is of four basic aspects which are:
  • Christian Moral and Religious Education
  • Secondary School curriculum in accordance with the National Educational Policy
  • Technical and Vocational Education (Specialization)
  • Local and international Languages and cultures
  1. To ensure that our core values are not compromised, it shall be an exclusively boarding school (that is, no day students)
  2. The P.T.A. (Parents Teachers Association) meetings are opportunities to meet with the school management and teachers, to discuss pertinent issues regarding our wards; hence, they are obligatory. The dates shall be communicated at the beginning of each academic session to enable parents/guardians mark the date and keep it free from other engagements.
  3. Visiting days shall be on the first Sunday of every month. Parents who wish to visit on a day outside these for very urgent reasons must seek the permission of the principal beforehand, and the timing must not interfere with the classes of the students or any important activities of the school.
  4. The school phone numbers are to be made available to the parents/guardians. The students shall be permitted to receive phone calls from the school phones only on Saturdays and Sundays. They shall also be permitted to make calls on the last Sundays of every month.
  5. Parents/guardians are required to present the medical histories/reports of their wards after their admission, before or on the day of their resumption. They are also required to communicate any particular needs, conditions, situations, concerns or information regarding the health of their wards.
  6. Every student is expected to be present for the daily assembly.
  7. Students must attend school and classes regularly and punctually.

Exemptions from classes can only be granted by the house masters, and can only be for very cogent reasons.

  1. Private mobile phones are not allowed in the school by students
  2. Students are expected to be neatly and smartly dressed in the school uniforms at all times, putting on the appropriate uniform according to the occasion.
  3. No student is allowed to chew gum in the class during the lecture hours
  4. Students should speak politely to everyone at all times
  5. Any sort of misconduct should be reported to the management
  6. Keep the classroom and the school premises clean at all times
  7. Permission should be obtained from the house master for any celebration like birthdays etc.
  8. Should a child be unable to resume school for any reason on the designated dates, the parents are obliged to inform either the house master or the principal
  9. All school property should be handled carefully by all students including the staffs.
  10. Pupils should refrain from all forms of misconduct (bullying, fighting, stealing and noise making etc)
  11. Misconduct in assignment, tests, and examination will lead to serious punishment by the management
  12. Cheating during test and examinations or any misconduct will lead to immediate expulsion from the school.
  13. The teacher/students relationship must be cordial without any emotional attachment either from the side of the teacher or from the side of the students.
  14. Parents/guardians are not allowed to come with any food items for the children on their visiting days.

These policies are made to ensure that the students are provided a conducive environment for learning. They shall therefore be reviewed from time to time, and updated according to the needs of the time.